Aktivhealth is your most advanced scientific
First aid whenever pain strikes

Comprehensive Adaptive Personalized Algorithm
built on real medical science

Using Technology as your partner in comprehensive physical therapy, prevention and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal conditions

Experience your unique journey towards pain free and healthy body.
Suitable for any age, anytime and anywhere.

Aktivhealth provides your individual solution

From Acute Problems to Chronic Pain From Prevention to Rehabilitation




1 in 2 employee suffer from joint and muscle pain affecting productivity and health costs



Take the digital leap forward and stay always connected with your patients


Health Plan

Proactively save your cost for disability, chronicity and surgeries



Personalized therapy sessions for anyone, anytime and anywhere

We at Aktivhealth embrace
your uniqueness!

Impact of MSK disorders:

Back, shoulder, wrist, neck, hip or knee pain affects 1 in 2 employees every year

With $190 billion in spending, musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders now constitute the highest healthcare cost for employers

What’s in it For You:

Save Cost

Improve Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

Impact of MSK Disorders:

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for the highest claims

Musculoskeletal disability claims up by 40% over the last decade.


What’s in it for you:

Save your Avoidable Medical Costs

Offer your clients digital advanced individualized proactive solutions

Our best-in-class adherence for musculoskeletal pain and movement dysfunction program effectively manage pain, reduce direct and indirect costs
Post COVID-19, over 70% of patients have deferred or canceled hospital visits

Digital-ready hospitals & clinics are treating 50 to 175 times more patients via digital physiotherapy

What’s in it For You:

  • Improve Patient Recall and Engagement
  • Empower patient through education
  • Improve Patient Retention
  • Continuity of care

Our rehab programs are designed to help you embrace your uniqueness. Aktivhealth provides you tailored solutions based on your body type, symptoms, physical goals, and functional abilities. We relentlessly strive to deliver safe, secure, and affective experiences.

Aktivhealth is an entire eco-system for Musculoskeletal (MSK) health

  • Education, Assessment, Treatment, Prevention and integrated on-demand telehealth
  • Treat Pain and identify and resolve issues even before symptoms arise

Aktivhealth is the ideal
solution for most

  • Holistic patient assessment
  • Learning algorithm based treatment plan created on the fly
  • Follow the video treatment in each session on their own
  • Premium user support via tele sessions on demand for any issues
  • Integration with offline therapy/your own therapist

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