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Team Aktivhealth has been working for many decades in the fields of Sports Medicine, Chronic Pain Management, Non-surgical management of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Rehabilitation of Orthopaedic and Neurologic diseases, Prior to, and/or post-surgical management.

At Aktivhealth, we live and breathe an integrated interdisciplinary approach. With a holistic, humane, and open mind-set, we are deeply familiar with the complexities that comprise a person’s condition, in its structural, functional, psychological, and social aspects. Our progressive treatments account for implications, and interaction of these aspects, and a patients’ journey in a treatment or a rehab process, its phases, its challenges, and its successes – Day by day. As unique as every individual is, yet there are many commonalities. The current scientific literature and clinical guidelines set the framework, but are by nature, never complete and are more generic, therefore the clinical decision-making process needs to be applied to each individual’s circumstances which is where Aktivhealth excels.

We bring decades of clinical knowledge from treating tens of thousands of patients, into our digital solution which, closely resembles the interaction and the thought process between medical doctors, therapists, and patients / clients. The smart and efficient combination of these elements makes the program clinically superior, flexible, reliable, and very affordable. These strengths of ‘Aktivhealth Digital’ are of paramount importance in rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic conditions, where the recovery processes take several months to yield sustainable results.

Aktivhealth offers the perfect harmony between highly effective and clinically superior digital platform available anytime, anywhere, combined with tele/virtual sessions with experienced medical professionals and in-center therapy at our treatment centers.

Meet Dr. Müller


Serial founder of physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics in Germany (Ruckenzentrum) and India (Aktivhealth) Treated and rehabilitated over 40.000 patients with musculoskeletal, chronic pain, neurologic conditions Vice-Chairman of the “Low Back Pain” Guideline Committee
(COST B13, 2000-2005) of the European Commission.

Co-Chairman of the workgroup “Prevention of Back Problems” of the European Commission. German, Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon.

About Amit


Former CFO, COO, and Business Leader with 25+ years of
progressive finance and business leadership roles in India, Asia
& USA.
15 years with GE in global & regional roles, including
healthcare, financial services, and Corporate. Former VC
Investor, CEO at Aktivhealth
Completed Executive learning programs at Harvard Business
School. Certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma quality
methodology, CPA, CA

Advisory Board


Interdisciplinary background spans molecular genetics, pharmacology, systems therapeutics, digital health and personalized medicine. Professor for Digital Health and Personalized Medicine at Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) at University of Potsdam. Founding director and the Head of the HPI Digital Health Center.


Former CEO of Allianz Capital Partners, a €35B PE arm of Allianz Insurance C Suite roles in different Allianz companies, Dresdner Bank, Euler Hermes and the European Commission. Executive education from Harvard Business School and INSEAD.


Clinical and research background in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and chronic pain management. Professor for Physiotherapy at the Institute of Health Sciences at the University of Lübeck. Founding president of the German Association of Physiotherapy Science.

Meet our team

Aktivhealth Digital


Our Mission
Aktivhealth’s mission is to become the world’s most effective digital health platform for faster and highly sustainable recovery from pain, muscle and bone injuries, chronic pain, surgeries, and degenerative disorders, that affect billions of people worldwide.

As a digital platform, built hands-on by leading doctors, therapists and surgeons, AH aims to be an always-on, most cost effective, highly innovative, and highest efficacy solution, that assesses and works according to each individual’s unique body structure and function, to not only improve function but also build strength and prevent deterioration in musculoskeletal health. The platform uniquely builds each session using an advanced algorithm with an AI engine, and real time responses from users. It delivers videos that are generated real-time bringing graphics, audio, and video together, in the right dosage for each session similar to a physical 1-1 session.

As the most natural digital extension and interactive partner to doctors, therapists and surgeons, AH revolutionizes how patient musculoskeletal health is monitored and improved. As a highly personalized virtual assistant that knows each user’s musculoskeletal conditions, and function, AH constantly works towards driving sustainable improvement in health while lowering costs, downtime, and dependency on conventional healthcare. AH can be the most reliable partner to insurance carriers and employers, providing a highly effective, flexible, and scalable solution for the musculoskeletal health of the plan participants that lowers costs significantly and improves human resource productivity

Widespread Musculoskeletal (“MSK”) Disorders (“MSD”) include pain, injuries, restrictive movement, and degenerative conditions, which when untreated, often lead to surgeries and disability. MSD related costs are one of the highest healthcare cost items for carriers and employers globally. Additionally, employers face absenteeism and loss in productivity while employees lose earnings. Consistent, high quality physical therapy and rehabilitation is one of the most important ways to treat and prevent MSDs. These services remain expensive and widely unequal across regions, due to supply-side constraints including lack of skilled therapists.

Globally there have been many pre-existing challenges which are made worse by COVID: high prevalence of MSDs, ageing population, limited efficacy of conventional clinical pathways, lack of skilled physical therapists. Digital physical therapy is the only scalable solution.

AH is the only platform that works well stand-alone and can integrate deeply with existing doctors, therapists, and chiropractors, digitizing their patient care processes.

The Aktivhealth platform is clinically superior whose efficacy is comparable to 1-1 physical sessions over time with specific, auto-adaptive assessment & treatment in each session. Aktivhealth can help in avoiding progression to chronicity and disability, improving productivity and absenteeism. It is COVID friendly and drives higher adherence by convenient, progressive, personalized, trusted, nudges, notifications, and monitoring. Cost of Aktivhealth platform is so low that the annual costs can be as low as a single session payout.

The AH platform comes with close monitoring, data analytics, targeted intervention, and predictability. AH will automatically drive better control on costs and cost-events. AH gradually builds medical persona of each user uniquely, resulting in high recall whenever need arises. AH can serve both, as a single solution instead of multiple practitioners such as massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, as well as an intelligent extension to their services. And it certainly is an effective replacement of any unspecific home exercise program.

The Aktivhealth platform is recently launched in Germany, India and Canada and already counts leading Multinational corporations, universities, and clinics as current customers, growing rapidly.

The Aktivhealth Digital platform offers:

  1. Ability to self heal with or without support from a clinical therapist
  2. Detailed, explanatory 2500+ videos shot in 4k , guides you through each component of the exercises ensuring safety and progress throughout, just like a 1-on-1 session with your own physiotherapist.
  3. Post-exercise feedback allows for near real time therapy readjustment.
  4. On-demand availability to consult experienced doctors (subject to terms and conditions) anytime & anywhere.
  5. On-demand availability to book In-center (at select locations and subject to additional terms and conditions that may vary for each location) therapy sessions at our treatment centers through your own personal dashboard allowing simple and seamless yet highly effective experience.
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Aktivhealth Digital Features

Holistic and Comprehensive


Medical Assessment + Functional status together

Psycho-social implications

Dynamic, Adaptive

AI driven algorithm

Real-time therapy recommendation readjustment

Progression charting

Clinical escalation pathways

Highly personalized

Patient-specific progression

Individual Patient profile

Equipment availability

Videos generated real-time for each session

Adjusts real-time to each session’s feedback

Millions of standardized patient variables + Exercise combinations

International treatment guidelines

Integrated, Online-Offline harmony

Digital + Tele + In-Center

Integration with external therapy providers

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Medical Diagnoses

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Medical Videos

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Video Quality

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Patient Variables

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